What is financial training?

Financial training is also known as financial coaching or advising. Think of it like a personal trainer, only for your money.


Get a fresh perspective on the goals you're working towards or issues you're struggling with. Whether your need is basic or complex, financial training can help get you on the right path.


Money decisions are often fraught with emotions, both good and bad. A financial trainer can look at your financial situation without that emotional filter.


The basics of sound financial management apply to everyone, of course, but the magic is making the details personal to you.


A financial trainer is your accountability partner on your path to financial wellness. Turn to them when you need guidance, tools, and encouragement.

It starts with a plan

What does financial training do?

Financial training has two major areas of focus. First are your goals: what do you want your money to do for you? The second are skills: making sure clients have the skills to reach their goals.

Identifying Goals

Every client is unique, and so are their goals. We'll sit down and clarify what's important to you now and in the future.

Problem Solving

Figuring out how you tackle problems helps us develop a plan you'll stick with.


Assessing your current financial standing gives us your personal starting point for this journey.

Create a Plan

Once we know where you're at, where you're going, and how you want to get there, it's time to make a plan.

Take Action

This is where the magic happens: implementing your plan and taking action.


Different goals, changing jobs, and new life circumstances all impact your financial journey.

Debt is a problem

Why is it important?

Americans are drowning in debt. Mortgages, installment loans, student loans, credit card debt: whichever way you look at it, debt is pervasive in modern day America.

25 %

Of Americans admit they don't pay all their bills on time

46 %

Of Americans have credit card debt

56 %

Of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement (most will need a million or more)


The credit card debt of an average American household


Who can benefit from financial training?

The financial landscape changes throughout your life, and your plan needs to change with it. Different stages have different needs and goals, and regulations can change at any time.

Young Adults

You've got a lot on your plate when you're first starting out. Student loans, comparing job offers, setting up your first budget, and more.


Balancing money is hard enough with one person, much less two, doing the spending.


Buying a house, saving for college, and somehow finding a way to afford the occasional family vacation.

Mature Adults

You've saved for retirement: now what?

Start your journey

How do I get started?

Advising Well, LLC offers financial training on a monthly subscription or hourly rate basis. All services are offered on a sliding scale based on household income, in order to make financial training accessible to as many people as possible. All our clients, whether they're hourly or subscription, can take advantage of our easy, approachable services:

Free initial intake consultation to determine if financial training is a good fit for you

Meetings can be by email, phone, text, video chat, or in person for local clients.

Online calendar to schedule meetings at your convenience, no need for phone tag

Access learning resources appropriate to your situation

No contract and no commitment required

Subscription Services

Reach out to as often as you need for one monthly fee. Text a quick question, email an update, or schedule a phone or in-person meeting if you'd like.

Tier 1 Subscription
Clients with a household income below $30,000 per year
Tier 2 Subscription
Clients with a household income below $60,000 per year
Tier 3 Subscription
Clients with a household income below $90,000 per year
Tier 4 Subscription
Clients with a household income of $90,000 per year or more

Hourly Services

Sometimes you just have a quick question or project. Our hourly rates are perfect for you!

Tier 1 Hourly Rate
Clients with a household income below $60,000 per year
Tier 2 Hourly Rate
Clients with a household income of $60,000 per year or more