Welcome to Advising Well, LLC. Today is Day One. I'm nervous, I'm excited, and perhaps most of all: I'm hopeful.

What is this, exactly?

Advising Well is my attempt to fill a pretty obvious gap in the financial planning world. So many financial planners or advisors filter clients by net worth, investable assets, or income level. While this increases the professional's income, it leaves a large swath of the population unable to access sound financial guidance. Where does the new college graduate go when they have questions? How does a family struggling with debt get back on track when they have a negative net worth?

Everyone deserves access to financial guidance, so I decided to offer it. You can learn more about what lead me here by visiting About The Owner.

What is this "personal financial training"?

There are a lot of different names out there for financial guidance and financial professionals, which can be confusing. I describe my service "personal financial training" because it best embodies what I offer:

  • My goal is to teach clients. Whether it's skills or information, my ultimate goal is for clients to learn from this relationship.
  • Training implies learning a skill. Coaching is about developing or improving an existing skill. While both of these things will very likely happen with clients, I want to focus on the learning. It's impossible to improve a skill before you have it.
  • I'm a lot like a "personal trainer" for your money. When you want to improve your health you get a personal trainer, not a coach. The Advising Well, LLC service is very much like that of a personal trainer: assess the current situation, establish goals, and develop a plan to attain those goals.
What's the plan?

The plan is pretty simple, actually.

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago" - Warren Buffet

My goal is to teach others how to plant their own trees.