Alphabet’s GOOG vs GOOGL Stock

Alphabet’s GOOG vs GOOGL Stock – What’s the Difference?

Alphabet’s stock ticker symbols are GOOG and GOOGL (the company formerly known as Google). When comparing GOOG and GOOGL stock ticker symbols, the key distinction is that GOOG shares do not have voting rights whereas GOOGL shares do.

Alphabet’s GOOG vs GOOGL Stock

In April 2014, the business issued one Class C share to each holder of Class A stock, making Class C a new nonvoting stock class.

Shareholders holding A class stock at the time of the split got an equivalent number of C class shares; nevertheless, this did not improve their voting power.

Alphabet's GOOG vs GOOGL Stock - What's the Difference?

It ensured that Larry Page and Sergey Brin would continue to have the lion’s share of voting power. When a company goes public, the founders may gradually become a minority shareholder when new shares are issued and sold.

The Alphabet founders share the desire of many other digital moguls to maintain control of their companies.

Markets and investors may be very impatient, prioritizing short-term gains at the price of planning for the future. By splitting the company’s equity, Brin and Page were able to take benefit of the public market’s liquidity without giving up control of the business.


  • The ticker symbols for the two classes of shares traded for Alphabet (Google’s parent company) are somewhat different.
  • Class A shares of GOOGL, often known as common stock, have the standard one share equals one vote structure.
  • Class C GOOG shares have no voting rights.
  • A shares may trade at a premium to C shares due to the former’s superior voting rights, but in practice, the two share classes’ values are often quite near to one another.
  • Class B shares, owned by founders and insiders, are the third form of share and provide 10 votes per share. Securities of Class B cannot be sold to the general public.
  • Class C shares of GOOG GOOG are owned by the corporation and represent a minority stake in the business. Class C shares, like Class A shares, provide investors a stake in the firm, but unlike ordinary shares, they do not allow them the power to vote for the board of directors. This causes a little discount to Class A shares while trading. You should not mistake these Class C shares with the C shares issued by several mutual funds.
  • Class B shares, which carry ten votes per share, are owned exclusively by founders and other insiders and are not publicly traded.
  • Class A shares of GOOGL GOOGL are the company’s most common kind of stock. Common stock is another name for Class A shares. In most cases, they also provide the investor the ability to vote. They make up the bulk of the market and can be found just about everywhere.
  • Concise Description of the Several Types

Class A: Owned by a Regular Shareholder and Eligible to Vote (GOOGL)

Class B shares are held by the company’s founders and have ten times the voting power of Class A shares.

Class C investors, who usually consist of workers and a small percentage of Class A shareholders, have no voting rights (GOOG).

Differentiating GOOG and GOOGL Which One Is the Better Bet?

GOOGL shares might be more valuable than other stocks since shareholders have a say in the company’s direction.

Those who own this stock at Google have the right to vote for the company’s top executives, have input into company strategy, and provide their stamp of approval or disapproval to important business moves.

Because to the increased voting power, GOOGL shares trade at a modest premium above GOOG shares. GOOG is marginally cheaper, but most ordinary investors won’t be able to acquire enough shares to change the company’s policy.

The arbitrage between the two share classes makes the actual difference between them negligible.

Methods of Voting Stock Utilization

Activist investors sometimes form coalitions and amass holdings in order to exert pressure on corporations to implement shareholder-friendly measures that improve stock values, such as reducing expenses, repurchasing shares, and paying out dividends.

The process may become nasty if activists fight openly for board seats and attempt to seize power from management. Brin and Page no longer have to worry about this after issuing nonvoting shares to maintain majority control.

What It Comes Down To

Prices for the two kinds of Google shares available to investors vary somewhat. You should go for the A shares if you care about having a say in corporate matters at the annual shareholders’ meeting.

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