What Companies are in the Technology Field

What Companies are in the Technology Field?

In recent years, technology firms have emerged as key influencers on economic expansion, consumer preferences, and stock market performance.

What Companies are in the Technology Field

For instance, as compared to the market as a whole, the performance of the largest technology companies’ equities has been much superior over the previous decade.

Because of technological advancements, individuals have altered their modes of interaction in terms of how they share and receive information, shop for goods, interact with one another, and even do their jobs.

What Companies are in the Technology Field

Businesses in the technology sector generally conduct scientific and technical investigation, as well as the design and production of related consumer products and services. They produce and sell IT-related goods and services including computers, mobile phones, and kitchen appliances.

Here we take a look at the top 10 technology firms based on their TTM (trailing twelve months) revenues. Companies that trade on U.S. or Canadian stock exchanges (via either direct listing or ADRs) alone are included here. All numbers are up to date as of December 22, 2022 and are courtesy of YCharts.

10 Biggest Technology Companies

Several of the stocks listed below are not traded on any U.S. exchanges but rather exclusively over-the-counter (OTC). Thus, the transaction costs associated with trading OTC equities are often greater than those associated with trading stocks on regulated exchanges. It may even cancel out whatever profit you might have made.

#1 Year-to-Date (YTD) Revenue for Apple Inc. (AAPL): $394.33 Billion

  • TTM Net Profit: $99.8 Billion
  • The Market Cap Is $2.15 Trillion
  • Sum Overall Return During the Last Year: -21.25%
  • Nasdaq Stock Market

Apple is an organization that creates and sells many electronic gadgets for the general public. All sorts of gadgets including cellphones, PCs, tablets, wearables, and home theater systems count.

Apple’s iPhone devices and Mac computers are two of the company’s best sellers. Similarly, Apple’s revenue from services has grown substantially.

It runs online bookstores and has released a number of streaming services, including the on-demand media platform Apple+.

#2 The Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd. (SSNLF)

  • Total Annual & Periodic Revenue ($247.0B) Net Income ($33.73B)
  • The market is valued at $275.78 billion.
  • Overall Return During the Last Year: -29.54%
  • OTC Markets, Exchange

In several of its product lines, Samsung Electronics competes with Apple and other global IT giants. It has a wide variety of business interests, from consumer electronics to IT to telecommunications.

The South Korean corporation offers a wide variety of electronic gadgets including smartphones, tablets, wearables, VR gear, televisions, laptops, printers, home appliances, and more. When it comes to cellphones, though, Samsung’s Galaxy brand is by far its most recognizable offering.

#3 Manufacturers of Precision Equipment, Hon Hai Precision Industrial Co. (HNHPF)

  • Gross Profit: $227.1 Billion Year-to-Date
  • Revenue from Operations: $5.06 Billion Year-to-Date
  • Value of the market: $44.7 billion
  • Percentage of Loss During the Last Year: -9.01%
  • Trading: Over-The-Counter Markets

The international electronics firm Hon Hai Precision, or Foxconn, is headquartered in Taiwan. For the IT, comms, auto eqpt, auto, pnuematics, precision mfg, and connoisseur elec. Foxconn is an important part of Apple’s supply chain since it manufactures a large percentage of iPhones.

#4 Time Period Revenue (TTM): $203.08 Billion for Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

  • Total Year-to-Date Net Income: $69.80 Billion
  • Investment Value: $1.82 trillion
  • Annualized Total Return, Looking Backwards, Negative 24.61%
  • Nasdaq Stock Market

Microsoft creates and distributes various products and services all over the world. Despite its widespread recognition for its Windows and Office Suite products, Microsoft is increasingly benefiting from cloud computing and its cloud platform, Azure.

LinkedIn, the most well-known platform for professionals looking for employment, is owned and operated by Microsoft as well.

#5 Over the last fiscal year, sales for Dell Technologies Inc. (DELL) were $105.25 Billion.

  • Quarterly Net Profit of $1.83 Billion
  • Estimated Market Value: $28.01 Billion
  • Overall Performance During the Last Year: -27%.
  • New York Stock Exchange, the Exchange

Hardware and software for computers are among Dell’s many specialties. The organization provides hardware for use on desktop and portable computers, as well as both legacy and cutting-edge data storage and networking options.

Dell also offers cloud management solutions and a cloud-native platform. PCs are Dell’s bread and butter.

#6 Revenue for Sony Corporation (SNE) for the trailing twelve month period: $83.91 Billion

  • Profit Before Taxes, Year-to-Date: $7.6 Billion
  • Now, the market is worth $95.87 billion.
  • Overall Return During the Last Year: -35.62%
  • New York Stock Exchange, the Exchange

Japan’s Sony Corporation creates and manufactures consumer, business, and industrial electronics for customers across the globe.

The firm offers a wide range of electronic goods for purchase, such as desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, computer games, and video cameras.

It also creates and sells videos, both live-action and animated, as well as audio recordings. Sony also produces and sells the PlayStation, a widely used video gaming device.

#7 TSM, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., LTD., ranks seventh in the world in terms of revenue (TTM), at $71.66 Billion.

  • Annualized Net Profit of $30.53 Billion
  • Current Market Value: $400.05 Billion
  • Overall Return During the Last Year: -32.9%
  • New York Stock Exchange, the Exchange

Microchips and semiconductors made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co are found in a wide variety of electronic devices. TSM produced 12,302 items for 535 clients in 2021.

#8 China’s Lenovo Group Ltd., Ranks No. 8 on (LNVGY)

  • Annualized Revenues ($70.87B)
  • Annualized Net Profit of $2.11 Billion
  • Total Market Value: $9.83 Billion
  • Overall Return During the Last Year: -26.79%
  • Trading: Over-The-Counter Markets

Lenovo Group Ltd is a multinational corporation specializing in the design, development, and production of computers, monitors, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic products.

Manufacturing facilities are located in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, and the United States, and the corporation exports to more than 180 countries.

#9 (TTM) Revenue for Intel Corp. (INTC): $69.54 Billion

  • Total Year-to-Date Net Profit $13.30 Billion
  • Investment Value: $110.73Bn
  • Indicator of Performance During the Last Year Overall Performance: -45.06%
  • Nasdaq Stock Market

Intel is a world leader in the design and manufacture of computer processors as well as a supplier of related services in the areas of computing, networking, data storage, and communication.

They have platform solutions for the corporate, cloud, and communications infrastructure industries. Furthermore, laptops, mobile devices, and desktop computers may get their CPUs, flash memory, and programmable semiconductors from Intel.

The high-quality processors manufactured by the firm are widely adopted by companies and consumers alike as the standard in personal computers all around the globe.

#10 TTM Revenue for Panasonic Corp. (PCRFY): $63.91 Billion

  • Earnings Before Interest and Taxes: $1.69 Billion
  • Total Value of the Market: $20.12B
  • Overall Return During the Last Year: -17.37%
  • Trading: Over-The-Counter Markets

Japanese company Panasonic designs, manufactures, and repairs consumer electronics. The business provides pcs, tablets, projectors, as well as tv and radio AV equipment for professionals.

Panasonic also manufactures home appliances including refrigerators, freezers, and washing machines in addition to its electronic ones.

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