10 best credit cards – 10 Most Popular Credit Cards of 2023

Introduction – 10 best credit cards

A credit card is a financial tool that permits individuals to borrow funds from a bank or financial organisation to make purchases or spend for services. It serves as a revolving line of credit, allowing users to expend up to a predetermined limitation.

Rather than using cash, the cardholder can make investments, and the issuer sends a monthly bill for the payment spent. When the balance is settled in full by the due date, no interest accrues. However, if the credit is carried over, interest is assessed. Credit cards also often offer bonuses, benefits, and protections for users.

American Express

Amex, an American bank holding and economic services giant, specializes in payment cards, classifying as the fourth-largest global card web by acquisition volume, trailing China UnionPay, Visa, and MasterCard. It carries the fourth place worldwide for the number of cards in circulation.

American Express Card

American Express cooperates with Google and Apple, facilitating its cardholders to utilize Amex-issued cards through NFC payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Presenting an array of contactless credit cards, Amex extends its spread by enabling suitable and protected expense choices for consumers across various organisations adopting contactless technology.


Mastercard Inc., previously MasterCard, preserves its status as the second-largest global payment-processing commodity, presenting various transaction processing advantages, including travel-related expenses. Financial organisations supply Mastercard credit cards as
electronic cashless payment alternatives. Cooperating with these organisations, Mastercard operates as a compensation network, assessing a minor fee for payment processing while guaranteeing heightened online security standards.


Their credit cards traverse various tiers like Standard, World, and World Elite, each presenting distinct advantages such as zero liability protection, 24/7 gatekeeper service, and tailored offers. Operating within an open-loop system, Mastercard cards are universally bought wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Axis Bank

As one of India’s largest private banks, Axis Bank stands out with a wide spectrum of credit cards catering to an array of user preferences. Their lineup traverses from fundamental to premium cards, providing a comprehensive offering for their clientele. The Platinum Credit Card, puffing an EMV-certified chip, supplies extras like up to 25% cashback on movie tickets and a fuel surcharge release.

axis bank card

The Select Credit Card extends premium benefits including 10,000 EDGE REWARD Points valued at Rs. 2,000, a flat Rs. 200 deal on Swiggy, and a Buy One & Get One ticket offer on BookMyShow. Further, the Insta Easy credit card stands out as a lifelong free credit card choice.


Selecting a credit card is a confidential decision, tailored to personal needs. Spotlighting some of HDFC Bank’s top credit cards, we strive to help in locating the ideal match. Criteria for an HDFC Bank credit card include being at least 21 years old, a minimum income of Rs. 10,000, and being salaried or self-employed.

hdfc card

Applying for a pre-approved HDFC Bank credit card is feasible online. These cards can be used at store checkouts by swiping or inserting them into point-of-sale machines. Transactions generally require PIN authentication, proposing a secured payment experience for cardholders.


HSBC presents a field of credit cards, each tailored to different lifestyles and tastes. These cards often come with various rewards schedules, travel benefits, and specialized elements, catering to different spending habits. HSBC’s credit cards repeatedly include opportunities for cashback, airline miles, or points that can be redeemed for diverse bonuses. They also prioritize safety, executing advanced actions like encryption and trade monitoring.

hsbc card

With global endorsement, HSBC credit cards are functional internationally. The application procedure typically contemplates factors like credit history and income. HSBC’s credit card offerings seek to supply a versatile suite of opportunities, striving to suit the various demands of their clientele.

HSBC Red Mastercard

The HSBC Red Mastercard is a widespread credit card proposed by HSBC. This card is designed to cater to the everyday needs of users, furnishing various benefits and attributes. It often contains cashback rewards, and deals on dining, shopping, and entertainment expenses. The card may also offer revved rewards on precise spending categories, along with deluxe deals and benefits at partner organisations.

HSBC Red Mastercard

Additionally, the HSBC Red Mastercard generally arrives with refined security features and global approval, allowing cardholders to use it internationally. Eligibility criteria and exact benefits can alter, but this card is often aimed at delivering value for daily investments and lifestyle-related payments.

State Bank of India

State Bank of India (SBI) presents a diverse range of credit cards tailored to different lifestyles and preferences. These cards usually come with thrilling rewards programs, cashback offers, and exclusive benefits for travel, shopping, and dining. SBI’s credit cards may contain options for making rewards points, fuel tax waivers, and access to airport lounges.

State Bank of India

They prioritize protection with progressive features like chip-and-pin technology. SBI’s credit cards cater to distinct income brackets and often offer extra perks such as EMIs, credit transfer facilities, and easy bill payment choices. With a wide approval network, SBI’s credit cards seek to meet the various needs of their client base.

American Express Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum Card is a superior offering well-known for its extravagant travel benefits and deluxe perks. Tailored for high-spending individuals, it equips access to airport lounges worldwide, elite hotel status, and complete travel insurance. The card boasts an abundant rewards program, presenting points for various assets, which can be redeemed for travel, statement credits, or exclusive ventures.

American Express Platinum Card

It contains guard services, fine dining privileges, and credits for airline fees and Uber rides. Its metal structure stands for its exclusivity. Despite a high annual fee, the Platinum Card’s comprehensive travel perks, lifestyle benefits, and exceptional service make it a top choice for regular travellers and luxury aficionados.

American Express Gold Card

The American Express Gold Card is a premium credit card showing rich rewards tailored for recurring diners and travellers. It delivers generous Membership Rewards points for dining and grocery purchases, completed by travel benefits such as airline fee credits, car rental insurance, and entry to The Hotel Collection.

American Express Gold Card

This sleek metal card also proposes additional bonuses like shopping and dining protections. Despite a reasonable annual fee, its rewards system and exclusive benefits make it an appealing option for those seeking dining and travel benefits.


Credit cards offer monetary flexibility and various benefits but require meticulous management. Comprehending their terms, rewards, and fees is critical. Liable usage, timely payments, and staying within one’s standards are key to dodging debt. Choosing a card aligned with personal spending habits is important for maximizing rewards.

They supply convenience, and security, and can build credit when used wisely. Eventually, leveraging credit cards as a monetary tool while being conscious of spending habits is essential to harnessing their benefits effectively.

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